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Automobile Accidents

An accident may deter your trip, but it doesn’t have to change your destination.

You keep your car maintained, follow the rules of the road, and never drink alcohol before getting behind your steering wheel. We also know that others don’t always make those safe choices, and there are many dangerous situations simply beyond your control. Unfortunately, therefore, accidents can occur.

After an automobile accident, you probably feel overwhelmed, confused, and scared. Not only have your day’s plans been derailed, but sudden questions loom large: Why me? What happened? What now?

Our United States civil justice system is certainly not perfect, but it’s the best means we have to right the wrongs against us and entreat fairness in these negligent or unjust circumstances. Our system is set up in an adversarial fashion, pitting plaintiffs who claim damages against the responsible defendants. We will help you navigate this often-confusing process.

Defendants are represented; shouldn’t you be?

The majority of defendants are represented by the claims adjusters and lawyers hired and paid for by their insurance company. Because insurance companies want to avoid paying expensive claims, they are willing to fund the costs of arguing liability and damage issues. Plaintiffs, on the other hand, are not assigned legal counsel, but have the option to seek out representation. Without a lawyer, plaintiffs are at a distinct disadvantage in their pursuit of justice. Choosing legal representation levels the playing field for injured parties exercising their right to fair compensation.

When you have been injured in an automobile accident, or your vehicle has sustained damage, you have the right to seek reparations from the responsible party and we will work to ensure that you receive fair compensation. Ibarra Law will partner with you throughout the entire legal process. Whether you’re up against a large insurance company or an individual, we will carefully evaluate your case and unique situation, and facilitate the legal process quickly and competently in order to get you out of the courtroom and back on the road.

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